What are Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS)

All of the websites we design and develop are created with the ability for our clients to add and edit their own text, pictures, media and more through a CMS. We can also set up the website so that you can add new pages to the website yourselves, which we can train you or a staff member to do. At eCentury Website Design, we offer guidance and support as standard and are always only a phone call or click away.

Essential features of our basic CMS include:

Add, edit and delete web pages

eCentury web design clients can enjoy the ability to add new pages and content to their websites with our web content management system. Depending on page limits set at the time of purchase, you can even add pages to your website yourself. Its easy to cut and paste text or even type new content onto the page.


Allows the user to easily add styling such as bold, underline, colours, lists and much more through this editor. It is as easy as editing a Microsoft word document.

Add, edit and delete text and images

To keep your website content fresh and up to date you can easily add, edit and delete text and images. You can add images to your image library for use on your website.

Add, edit and delete links

You can add links to other websites, links to e-mail addresses and links to internal pages simply with the click of a button. Links are key to success with search engine optimisation (SEO) and you can add them all around your website. Images from your image library can even be used as links in our powerful CMS system.

Customisable online form

If we have set up forms for you it is possible to add new fields or questions if you should wish to add them yourself.

Meta data management and SEO

Search engine optimisation is a crucial part of web design. With eCentury CMS you can update meta tags, descriptions and image alt tags as much as you wish.

Advanced editing capabilities with HTML

For greater control of the webpage you can swap to html mode and type your own code, virtually any kind of HTML and web based languages can be used.

Extendable site through addition of new pages

Whatever the initial limits of your website design, our CMS can easily handle up to 10,000 website pages if needed.

Online help pages on hand from admin area

Help buttons are available all through the administration area to guide you through the tasks.

Content approval draft mode

You can create content and pages in draft mode so only you can preview them before setting them live

Support Package Monthly Price Hourly Rate
8 Hours (Bronze) £184 £23 / Hour
16 Hours (Silver) £352 £22 / Hour
24 Hours (Gold) £504 £21 / Hour
32 Hours (Platinum) £640 £20 / Hour