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What is ecommerce?​

‘Electronic commerce’ or Ecommerce is simply selling goods or services online. The web is now the new high street attracting increasing numbers of customers who shop for goods and services online through pcs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Ecommerce hit a massive milestone in 2012 when Ecommerce sales grew 21.1% to top $1 trillion for the first time, and in 2013 sales will grow 18.3% to $1.298 trillion worldwide. Ecommerce can be broken down into the following different categories:

  • Business to Business Ecommerce (B2B)
    B2B Ecommerce transactions are those where both the seller and the buyer are businesses, some examples include wholesalers and manufacturers.
  • Business to Consumer Ecommerce (B2C)
    When businesses sell electronically online to end-consumers, this is called B2C ecommerce.
  • Consumer to Consumer Ecommerce (C2C)
    Ecommerce has revitalised C2C transactions, as new platforms have arisen that allow end consumers to directly transact with one another. Auction sites such as ebay are a prime example of C2C ecommerce.

We can help you to start selling online with your own ecommerce website or increase your current sales by improving your existing website.

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