Why use open source ecommerce software ?

We highly recommend that you develop your ecommerce using one of the worlds leading open source ecommerce softwares. We are experts in the development of both Magento and Prestashop ecommerce websites and believe that these platforms will help to provide you with a professional online ecommerce. These software can be customised and made to look and feel exactly how you want them to but they have several advantages over creating an ecommerce from scratch.

Why use open source Ecommerce Software?

(1) You do not get tied into one company. If you use a company specific ecommerce that they have developed themselves, then only that company will be able to design and develop the site going forward. Using an open source solution there are thousands of developers that have vast experience of developing using that ecommerce system, so you are free to use a variety of independent developers.

(2) Thousands of Ecommerce modules that can be easily integrated and customised. Every business requires different functions and abilities from an ecommerce. Luckily with the above open source ecommerce solutions, there are thousands of modules that are already in existence that can be installed, customised and used saves time and money from development costs.

(3) Community of developers that are constantly improving the Ecommerce platforms. eCommerce development is fast paced, and developers are continually adding new features, and increasing the security of the open source ecommerce. These are available to update for free.

(4) Support from third party suppliers. Lets take an example, you have just set up a credit card merchant account and want to use sagepay to process the payments. Well that’s fine, because sagepay already have modules that we can use, and customise for the above open source ecommerce solutions. Otherwise development of a module for this purpose could take months.

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