Web Promotion

Search Engine Optimisation and Web Promotion is all about getting your website to appear on the first page of Google for key business search terms? If this is not currently happening then it is likely that you are not being found and no customers are actually reaching your products or services, no matter how good your website looks.

If you need higher rankings in search engines then eCentury has a proven track record and provides unparalleled Search Engine Optimisation and website promotional Services at an affordable cost.

To make it simplier we put it all under one roof and call them website promotion packages.

STEP 1 is all about SEO Planning

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term for making sure your site is optimised to appear as one of the top ranking web sites on a search engine. This needs to be done first before any wesite promotion can begin.

This means initially researching and selecting the most appropriate business terms that your company wants to be found for.

STEP 2 is all about on page SEO

This is ensuring that appropriate keywords are included correctly throughout your website. This can be extremely complex, as you must maintain an effective balance but our website promotion packages include everything thats needed. In short it includes keyword optimisation for your website, header tags, meta tags and titles. See our website promotion packages for more details

STEP 3 is all about website promotion

The next step is making sure google knows just how popular your site is for these chosen keywords. This is done by creating inbound links, social bookmarking, article submissions, directory listings, blog listings, twitter and facebook excitement to name just a few. Please see our website promotion packages for more details

STEP 4 is all about tracking your search terms

Tracking the key words and implementing changes to combat any issues. Tracking progress with tweaks has been found to be very effective for SEO.

Simple eh? Well not really and eCentury have taken over 10 years developing and perfecting their SEO and website promotion techniques. Get in touch today.