WooCommerce Cart Design

Cart design of any ecommerce website is a crucal element that needs to be considered and adapted to the needs of the specific business. Questions that you might want to consider for your WooCommerce cart design are:

  • Should the cart have related products with easy to add buttons, so you can cross sell products that the customer might be interested in?
  • Should the prices include tax, exclude tax or show both?
  • Should there be an easy remove item option on the cart?
  • What shipping information should the cart show?
  • Maybe the cart and checkout page should exist on the same page?
  • Should the cart page show coupon codes that are easy to apply?
  • Should it show reassurance text or images such as padlock symbols, or returns information?
  • You could add custom notices to your cart, telling customers for example 'they only need to spend £23 more free shipping' Custom Cart Notices
WooCommerce Cart Design and Development

Each of the answers to these questions will very depending on your business and industry but eCentury can adapt your WooCommerce cart to your needs, just get in touch below:

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