WooCommerce Design and Development services for BandsFc Website

WooCommerce development services for Bands FC website

About Bands F.C.

Bands F.C. combine bands and football clubs to create amazing artwork. Their popularity grew very quickly after being featured in top newspapers like the Guardian and top magazines such as NME. Soon they had an impressive following of over 55,000 followers on twitter all eager to buy their latest creations.

They turned to eCentury for help in creating  new ecommerce website  to sell unique band merchandise. A place where they could show off their latest artwork and sell merchandise such as T-Shirts, posters and badges.

Objectives and Challenges

  • Because the brand had taken off so quickly the ecommerce website needed to be online fast
  • It needed to cope with spikes in traffic - when you tweet to 50,000 fans about a limited edition badge you need to be prepared for the traffic
  • Clever use of stock system so customers only buy what they have left in stock, especially important for limited edition products
  • Heavy use of imagery - the artwork needed to be prominent
  • Connectivity with social media - as this was their main source of followers
  • Easy to add products
  • Ability to add blogs and page content
  • Payment processing within the site
  • Mobile friendly
  • An ecommerce website that allows customising of pricing options / sales / deals
  • Good search engine results from improved SEO, increasing the number of visitors
  • Easy to navigate and simple to use
WooCommerce development services for Bands FC website
WooCommerce development services for Bands FC website


  • WordPress and Woocommerce – Latest available version
  • PHP 7 – Latest available version
  • MYSQL – Latest available version
  • SSL certificate – For security – let's encrypt

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