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WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that bolts into the popular wordpress platform. Allowing business owners to easily sell goods and services, with a full range of tools at their disposal.It also has the benefit of being open source, meaning that a developer can expand and customise the platform to suit their needs.

At eCentury we have worked on hundreds of woocommerce development requests, and we have always been able to find the most appropriate solution for the client. We do our best to offer the most economical solution that is often cost nuetral i.e. the cost of our development services are outweighted by the return on the investment over a years period. Or to put it in simpler terms, you make more sales and profit after we have finished. That is always our aim.

Some of our main areas of development include:

Woocommerce Theme Development
WooCommerce comes with a default theme and basic functionality that is fine to begin with. But as your ecommerce business grows you will find you need additional requirements that are not already built in. You might also be interested in a Free WooCommerce Audit as a good starting point to help improve your current theme.

Custom Theme Development
Are you after a certain look or functionality for your online business, we can easily create a new custom theme for your wordpress woocommerce installation that is totally bespoke to your needs and requirements.

Woocommerce Plugin Development or Customisation

Plugins are a fantastic way to add additonal functionality to your online store, there are thousands of plugins out there that you can install.

It might take less time and development costs to implement and adapt an existing module to achieve the same thing so we always follow these steps:

(1) Listen to your requirements and understand your current setup
(2) Research existing plugins that might fulfill your needs
(3) Either install and setup an existing plugin
(4) Or take an existing plugin and customise it to your needs
(5) If none of the above steps are appropriate we can develop a new plugin
Checkout Development
One of the most important parts of any ecommerce is the checkout, crucial for maximising sales. We can analysis and track the checkout conversion rate and develop solutions to improve it.


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